COVID-19 & Brexit

Understand how we are managing these challenges

Heim Collection approach

With the impact of COVID-19 and Brexit across the UK affecting businesses, supply issues and delivery. We have created this page to keep you informed of how we are operating during this time and dealing with these additional challenges.

Delivery as usual?

With Government announcements classing our services as essential, supported by advice from Public Health England that deliveries are safe we are still operating as usual.

We will be delivering as normal but following social distancing and other guidelines to ensure our customers safety and wellbeing, which will remain our overall priority.

COVID & Brexit may impact delivery times and supply issues, although we will keep you informed and try our best to ensure this does not affect you.

Precautions & Measures

Our delivery teams, our staff and our suppliers all will be followingthe following measures when handling your products and delivering to you.

We will not handle products where possible, although due to the size of the majority of our products this will not always be possible. 

We will also not shake your hands or any other physical contact with our customers.

While we may have to enter your premises to deliver your items our staff will wear masks, unless they are exempt.  Our team will ensure to adhere to the 2m social distancing where possible as well and we ask you do the same.

You should wash your hands before and after we deliver to you.  Our team will also clean their hands with sanitiser before and after delivery.

If you live with someone who is classified as at risk, we ask that they stay away while we attend for delivery.  We will try not to enter the property if at all possible.

If you or anyone at the household is displaying symptoms or has been in direct contact with anyone who has COVID -19 or is self isolating you need to inform us.  You should not receive deliveries unless absolutely necessary. In some cases, we may still be able to deliver the items to you but we would have to leave at the door for you.  We will inform you once you have made us aware – If we cannot deliver we can arrange for a time after your isolation period.  

Still have questions about COVID, Brexit or Deliveries?

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