Hot Wish List has rebranded to Heim Collection

There’s a moment in every company’s life where rebranding is the right choice. Hot Wish List has provided furniture to people over the last few years. With a New Year coming in we have decided rebranding is the right move for us.

We would like to now introduce our new name; Hot Wish List is now changing to The Heim Collection.

Why are we branding?

While we have helped people with their furniture needs and had great feedback we have decided that the name Hot Wish List, is not reflective of our brand, the service we provide to our customers and the quality of the products we provide. Hot Wish List was conducive to our initial message but it doesn’t reflex our plans for the future so we have decided to change.

Our new name will be a great start to our new brand and what we are aiming to offer our customers. We hope you will continue to support us and watch us grow in a brand that you would support and recommend.

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